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China Root Class Art Museum介紹:

The Chinese Roots Art Museum is a national AAA-level tourist attraction.

China Roots Art Museum was built in 2014, located in the provincial scenic spots, Sichuan, Sichuan, Sichuan, Wulongqiao, Bodi Town, 2,485 square meters, three-layer design, one layer of root book development history, two-story Root Book Boutique Exhibition Hall, three-layer root book, root, root ornament art exchange center. The museum has collected the nearly three roots boutiques created by Mr. Yang Yu Bing, who has created in China, has recorded the artistic perspective of Mr. Yang Yu. The Art Museum was officially opened on November 1, 2014 and opened to the outside.

The root art galler is designed to be oriental cultural characteristics, integrated into the building form of the local door, the courtyard, one step, the wrong ordered, which seems to be in the classical poetry. Spirituality, the roots of the rushes are highlighting the museum unique charm, beautiful stone, famous painting and calligraphy more spreading the museum's connotation.

China Roots Art Museum is actively responding to the state of "cultural development, big prosperity", and investing in Sichuan Root Shijia Culture Communication Co., Ltd. under the leadership and support from all levels of leaders and society at all levels. It is the only art museum in China, which is the only art museum in the theme of root calligraphy art, filled the gap in the domestic books.

The Chinese Roots Art Museum has been listed as a Sichuan Provincial Cultural Industry Test Park, "National Social Science Popularization Base" "National Cultural Art Creative Demonstration Base" "China Root Patriotism Education Base" "The Exchange Base between the Teenage Art Education Exchange and Internship of the Straits" "Sichuan Social Science Practical Edition Art Popularization Base" "Leshan Youth Patriotism Education Base" "Sichuan Primary and Secondary School Aesthetic Practice Base". The completion and opening up of China's Roots Art Museum is to implement the cultural thoughts of Xi Jinping, firm cultural confidence, cultivate and practice socialist core values, and promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and build socialist cultural powers, and is also a cultural field. New highlights.

The Chinese Roots Art Museum is a first-year building in Root Shijia Culture Expo. The park covers an area of ​​36 acres and invests charges 160 million yuan. It consists of art gallery, artist, creative center, sketch base, training center, root stone research center, root art theme hall, etc.. After completion, it will be the only centralized, art, communication, leisure, education, experience, display, and research in Leshan City.A large-scale Expo hatching art park.

Address: No. 2582, Wenhua Road, Zhugen Town, Wuliqiao District, Leshan City, Sichuan Province

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