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"Miyu Man" is located in Yangliu Town, Wuliqiao District, Leshan, close to Wu Tongqiao City and Bodhi Mountain Forest Park. It will take advantage of "Xiaoxi Lake" scenery, more than 20 farmers hide in Maolin Cuizhu. From the Wulongqiao District Tourism Administration, a good location advantage and the beautiful environment provide conditions for the development of "Miyu people" rural tourism.

In 1984, the "Wangjia Garden" on the Miyami Mountain began to receive foreign tourists. "Wang Jia Garden" is a great review of tourists because of its quiet woods, elegant courtyards, unique farms. Because of its lead in the form of "farmhouse", they were called "farmhouse ancestors" by folk tourism experts. The surrounding farmers have impending them, driving the development of Miyami Mountain Rural Tourism.

One household features, one step, a landscape. In the big family of the "Farmhouse" of the Woodfish Man, "Wangjia Garden" highlights the culture of "farmhouse", focusing on garden gardening and sculpture; "Praying Long Villa" is the theme of farm book house and farming culture, fully demonstrating the inheritance of agriculture and Modern farm taste; "He's Finger" focuses on "He" private dish ";" Official Garden "is the theme of family planning culture;" Yangheyuan "launched Lijiang Qi Shi culture;" Cuizhuyuan "fully excavated China's history Culture with bamboo has a relationship with bonsai, showing tourists in the form of a bonsai. And "Qixiangyuan" painting and calligraphy, "Fengshunyuan" dragon boat, "Gui Garden" Ancient Bridge, "Wangjiang Pavilion" salt industry, "Zhisheng Villa" collection, "Lanxin Mountain Villa", " "柒 柒", "柒 山", "山 山", has a comprehensive systematically showing excellent natural resources and strong humanities in Wuxi Bridge.

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