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Located in Huayan Shanxi, Xiaoping, Xiaoping, Xiaoping, Guang'an, Huaqi Village, Luzhou Town, Guang'an, Guang'an, is the 4th China Top Ten Outstanding Youth Peasant Ouyang Xiaoling created in the south of the South. Pear is a composite scenic spot in the collection of fruit governments, flowers, farming, production, research, agricultural tourism, leisure vacation, and conference training, and is also one of Sichuan's largest honeyp pear production base. The resort has 12 kilometers, covering the three townships (streets) of Shuanghe, Lu City, Tianchi, Huaqin City, 126 agency, 25 villages, with more than 30 hills, 10,000 mu, which can be produced with high quality honeypar 15,000 tons, under the radiation of the resort, the surrounding farmers actively develop more than 30,000 mu of high-quality pear industries. At present, the resort has adopted more than 10 years of special fruit tree industrial base expansion and the construction of tourism facilities, has become an important attraction of tourism ring lines connecting Huayu City, Tianchi Lake and Huayanshin Scenic Area. Every year in mid-March to late, 10,000 acres of picked pear attracted about 300,000 visitors.

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