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Dongfeng, is located in a world irrigation project legacy in Jiajiang County, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, is the first world irrigation project in Sichuan Province.

Dongfeng Yun is located on the left bank of the Yangtze River, the three-level tributary Qingyijiang, is a water conservancy that is based on agricultural irrigation in Jiajiang County. It has a water conservancy, water supply, and urban environmental protection. engineering. The project was built in the first year of Qing Kangxi (1662), and it has been continued for more than 350 years. Dongfeng is currently the second largest water conservancy project in Leshan City, and the backbone water conservancy project in Jiajiang County. The irrigation district is managed by the official and privately managed, and the tunnel is complete, the distribution is reasonable, self-irrigation. Dongfeng Yin is now available in the reservoir area of ​​Qianfo Rock Hydropower Station in Qianjiang County, Qingyijiang, and the water supply flow rate 50m3 / s. The irrigation area covers 48 villages in the 48th villages in 4 towns in the county, and the agricultural irrigation area of ​​48 acres of the area of ​​4 areas in the mountains and the mountains.

Qingyijiang originated in the Sichuan Baoxing County Minshan, 289 kilometers long, the basin area is 12928 square kilometers, the water volume is abundant, the average flow rate of 515m3 / s, rich and stable water volume makes both sides of the strait Become an agricultural development area, Yuan, and gradually form a large number of small bowls such as eight-small, city street. In the first year of Qing Kangxi (1662) Qingyijiang water resources shortage, Time, Renjiang County, order Wang Shikui, Qingyi Jiangzhu cage, open the channel, water-saving irrigation, and incorporate the downstream eight small, city street and other irrigation channels into the engineering system. The head of the heroic mouth is located in the Nille Temple. Qing Guangxu twenty-six years (1900) is renamed Longtutan. In 1930, the leadership of the channels were cut down due to the rivers and the water was difficult. Time, Renjiang County, Hu Xinyi, will change the water to the dragon brain to the upstream Yingjiang stone slope. In 1967, it was renamed as Dongfeng. In 1975, the water exit was once again moved from the stone slope to Wulidu. Since the Dongfeng Yin, there have been a long history of more than 350 years, and become a model of traditional non-dam-free irrigation projects in the Qingyi River Basin.

For more than 350 years, the first movement of Gu Fuku has been moved to offset the continuous impact of the Qingyi River Bed, thereby maintaining sustainable use of the irrigation area. Today's irrigated area has been developed from the original 467 hectares to 5113 hectares, increased more than 10 times, and the crop reaches of the irrigation area is raised from the original 2.34 to 2.68. The crop planting area is increased from 175,300 mu to 20.05 million mu, through the transformation of low-yielding earth ,Per yearThe new output value is 158.768 million yuan, and the benefits is based on the integrated water conservancy coefficient. The annual output value is 44.455 million yuan.

Dongfeng Yun flow through the national key cultural relics protection unit Qianfo Rock Macrose Imagine Scenic Area, constituting the historical and cultural hallway of Tsing Yijiang Scenic Area, and the treatment of water inscriptions and the crop status of the cave are spread. Irrigation civilization and deepen the connotation of irrigation culture. In addition, Dongfeng Zhuangdong, Xiguan Die passed the Coach Jiangcheng, and improved the urban supply drainage system and beautifing urban environment.

Hundreds of years, Dongfeng Yin is the agricultural development of Jiajiang County, the increase in crop production, farmers' income, the county people's environmental environment improvement, and tourist scenic spots have made active contribution, economic benefits, social benefits, and ecological environmental benefits. obvious. Because of its advanced engineering technology and irrigation area, it has become an excellent example of sustainable irrigation project along the southwestern region, through the traditional abutment of dam water water, realizes self-flow irrigation, promoting local agricultural development. Local government professionally guidance and rural water consoles associations have been synergistic to ensure that the project has continued to use more than 350 years. At the same time, there are a large number of historical and cultural landscapes such as Qianfo Rock along the project, witnessed the important position of irrigation projects in regional historical culture. This project shows the sustainable use of traditional water conservancy facilities, as well as the combination of water conservancy and local culture, which can be said that it is the epitome of East Asia to disappear along the river irrigation agriculture.

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