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Chengdu Qingbaijiang District Museum is located on No. 28, Qifeng Road, Dagoy Street, Qingbaijiang District (next to Tianyuan Square), with a construction area of ​​about 3,500 square meters, and the exhibition hall is approximately 3,500 square meters. October 2013 is officially opened for public opening, annual average Open days 300 days, annual reception of tourists will be 100,000.

Qingbaijiang Museum has exhibited more than 600 pieces of fine artifacts, including 203 pieces / sets of precious cultural relics, including national level cultural relics, the country's largest bronze horse in the same time, unique Tiger Bear Dragonfly And ancient bronzes, Song Dynasty, China [Tibetan porcelain and other cultural relics. It is often set "Qingbaijiang Historical and Cultural Exhibition" and "Zhao Yuqing and White Cultural Special Exhibition", Qingbaijiang Historical and Cultural Exhibition adopts the combination of history exhibitions and scene exhibitions, showing the new era of Baibaijiang from the new era of 2500 years from the 21st century. Historical development context.

Qingbaijiang Museum actively uses local resources, freely organizing all kinds of characteristic intervention activities to meet the diversity of the masses. In addition, the museum has created a "Charm Museum - 518 Cultural Huimin Engineering" socialized brand, carried out the "Flow Museum to take the grassroots", "Embroidic Chuan Forum" series, historical and cultural field teaching, etc., Hui Equipment 10,000 people .

Qingbaijiang Museum is now "Qingbaijiang Research Base, Sichuan Integrity Construction Research Center", "Chengdu Qingbaijiang District, Indian Education Base", "Chengdu Science Base", "Chengdu Social Science Popularization Base", 2019 Sichuan Museum Excellent Exhibition Exhibition, 2014 Top Ten "My Favorite Museum" in Chengdu and other awards.

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